What We Do

We custom design and manufacture mechanisms that add automation to your environment making your life easier and your surroundings more aesthetically pleasing.

This is a listing of the more typical configurations and combinations of actions. All mechanisms, even our standard designs, are custom designed and built to meet the needs of the situation at hand.

Our custom products include but are not limited to these categories:


  • Projector Lifts
  • Televisions Lifts
  • Picture Frame Lifts
  • Speaker Lifts
  • Table Lifts
  • Pullout Mechanisms
  • Camera Mechanisms
  • Touch Screen Mechanisms


  • Swivel Mechanisms
  • Drop Down Mechanisms
  • Pivot Down Mechanisms
  • Door Drive Mechanisms
  • Pocket Door Drive Mechanisms
  • Wall Drive Systems
  • Control Panel Mechanism
  • Screen Mask System - Two and Four Side


Some Examples:

  1. Picture Frame on wall lifts to reveal a concealed Television, Audio Equipment, etc.
  2. Tapestry travels horizontally to reveal a Television, Audio Equipment, etc.
  3. Table elevates from Coffee Table height to Dining Table height. Then the top can travel towards a sofa for eating convenience, therefore serves a dual purpose and saves space.
  4. Video Projector concealed in coffee table. When the projector turns on, the table top slides back and the front of the cabinet pivots down to allow the projector to be used.
  5. Television is concealed inside an antique chest which raises at the foot of a bed for viewing.
  6. Conference Room wall (flush with surrounding wall surfaces) opens to reveal teleconferencing equipment; white board - which can also move independently; etc.
  7. Video Projector is concealed in the ceiling in a home theater or conference room to hide the equipment when not in use. When the projector is turned on it lowers down to viewing position , then retracts into the ceiling out of sight and mind when not in use.
  8. Bookshelf pulls into wall or pivots open to reveal a hidden room.
  9. Panels raise electrically to cover windows when the sun is too bright.
  10. Pocket door mechanism conceals television in cabinet when not in use. When doors are operated they swing open and pocket fully into the cabinet; then the television can pull out and turn to your desired position for viewing.
  11. Video Camera is hidden behind a flush panel - when operated the panel pulls in and then out of the way. This reveals the camera, but if necessary, the camera can pull out for tilt and pan.


Think of the possibilities and give us a call.

We work with specialists in your area for complete automation solutions.

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